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Creating Actionable Drinker Profiles

Improving your understanding of your core customers is fundamental to selling more beer. Accurate buyer personas, or drinker profiles will help you come up with new beers, improve your marketing strategies, get customers back in your taproom, and most importantly boost your sales.

Your customer persona for beer drinkers.

Drinker Profiles, also called buyer personas, are semi-fictional archetypes that represents the key traits of a segment of your customers, based on the data you collect from customer research, which we outline below.

Accurate drinker profiles will:

  • Improve interactions with your core customer groups
  • Provide a reference point when brainstorming new beers
  • Ensure all employees aligned with customer goals and preferences
  • Maximize value for your customers 
  • Help you sell more beer


Drinker Profile Guide & Template

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