Visit to FlyteCo Brewing

Last week, we made a visit to two of our board member's brewery, FlyteCo Brewing in Denver, CO to learn more about how a small brewery operates on a day to day basis. FlyteCo's taproom and brewery are one of a kind with its aviation theme, and part of a 737 smack in the middle of the taproom.

The owners, Eric and Jason, have been in aviation for most of their lives and combined the passion for it with brewing to create FlyteCo. It's always great to meet the founders of breweries who are passionate about what they do and these two definitely hit that mark. The KS team got an in-depth tour of their brewing process, distribution process, and most importantly for our business, their kegging and distribution process. Since FlyteCo is still a smaller brewery, they self distribute so that means that when you get a FlyteCo beer from the tap at a bar, that beer was likely delivered by one of FlyteCo's founders or passionate team members.

If you are ever in the South Denver area, you should check them out at 4499 W 38th Ave #101, Denver, CO 80212!

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