FiberLite Prototype Testing

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Before we can release FiberLite Kegs to our beta tester and waitlist breweries, worst-case scenario testing is a must. These tests serve as a basis for ensuring these kegs are 100% safe to fill use, even if extremely over filled, and are durable and will stand up to the harsh treatment they’ll become accustomed to. So far, we’ve taken FiberLite Prototype v1 through pressure testing and drop testing.


Pressure Test 

Pressure testing our prototype FiberLite was an extremely interesting process. Because vessels tend to expand or stretch ever so slightly when pressurized, it can be tricky to measure the expansion. To measure the degree of stretching, we used strain gauges [pictured], which are similar to coils, but are very small.

Once strain gauges were applied (and re-applied after they fell off), we pressurized the keg to 100 psi about 10x working pressure for kegs which is 10 psi. The safety equipment consisted of 2 pieces of dry wall which we stood behind, not exactly ideal. So for our own safety, we didn’t pressurize it to 300 psi as this is industry standard burst pressure.We will be running this test as soon as we have a more formidable explosives barrier.

By looking at the level of stretching on the strain gauges, we can measure the amount of strain that was put on the kegs after pressurizing. The keg passed with flying colors, and showed no signs of stretching or deformation whatsoever.

Drop Test

Drop testing is about as simple as it sounds! We tapped the keg and filled it with water, then dropped it from 4 feet, without chimes(handles). Even without chimes, the fiberglass stayed intact, with no cracking or splintering. If you’re curious, here’s the video of the drop test.

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