Team Kegstand

Reinventing the traditional keg.
On a mission to disrupt the industry

We were driven to this problem when one of our local Colorado breweries let us know how many problems their kegs were causing them. After learning this, we reached out and learned that these problems were universal but there was nothing being done about it.

From that point on, we set out to solve these industry wide problems and reinvent the traditional keg from the ground up to meet the modern day brewer's needs.

Ashton Wagner

Ashton is passionate about connecting sustainably minded folks with sustainable products. His marketing & sales backgrounds work to ensure the experience is flawless when customers use FiberLite kegs.

Jimmie Hinkle

Jimmie learns how things work by taking them apart and putting them back together which gives him an opportunity to find creative improvements. At Kegstand, he leverages 8+ years of experience at a family business to make smart business decisions and build efficient processes.

Blake Wagner

Blake is a problem solver with a background in product design across a wide variety of disciplines and he's working on designing our kegs to be reliable and ready to go!

Daniel Strangfeld
Product Management Consultant

Daniel has always had a passion for finding innovative, simple solutions to common problems. At Kegstand, he leverages his years of product management and design to help establish a product roadmap.

We are here to help! Contact us and we will get back to you on any inquiries you have about our products or business.


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